Thermoforming & Precision Die-Cut


We specialise in “custom thermoforming” for customers for 3 types of forming: Pressure Forming, Vacuum Forming and Heavy Gauge Forming. For ESD and Clean-room Class material, we can produce trays in controlled environment condition. Clean-room Class 100 washing for trays is available. Design and Fabrication of tooling; CNC machining of plastic parts.

Precision Die-cut

We have full of range of machines to support this section.

Precision Die-Cutting -Kiss Cutting • Full Cutting • Laser Cutting, Material Bending including Secondary & Assembly Processes • Slitting of master rolls of flexible foams • Adhesive tapes • Plastic films • Release & oil-joint paper • Multi-layer lamination with different mediums & Applying PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesives) • CNC Machining & Silk Screening & Rubber Moulding • Flexible foam fabrication • Die-cutting and compression • Converter of flexible foams • Gaskets, Cosmetic Wedges • Bicycle Helmets • Medical Application • Clean room foams • Insulators for all flammability ratings • Gaskets, Rubber O rings, Foot and Spacer • Rubber sponge shock-absorption cushions and gaskets • Open-cell and closed cell foams • Foam-tapes and felts • Customized protection tapes and adhesives • EMI/ESD shielding gaskets

  • Blister Trays
  • ESD Component Trays
  • Clamshells
  • Handling Trays
  • Automation Trays
  • Plastic Shields and Covers
  • Blister
  • Assemlies
  • Handling Trays
  • Seeding Trays
  • Gardening Pots
  • Automation Component and Parts
Contract Packing